Downtown - Mountain View

Downtown - Mountain View

Pairing small-town charisma with high-tech accessibility, has the best of both worlds.

Welcome to Downtown Mountain View

Enjoy the small-town charm of this quaint community
Pairing small-town charisma with high-tech accessibility, Downtown Mountain View has the best of both worlds. On Castro Street, you’ll find a walkable thoroughfare of shops and restaurants with a strong sense of community reminiscent of small towns. Simultaneously, residents enjoy free city Wi-Fi from the neighboring Google campus—an advantage one can only find in Silicon Valley.
Mountain View had humble beginnings as a small stagecoach shop on the rail line between San Francisco and San Jose.  It remained a quiet agricultural community until World War I when the nearby U.S. Navy complex caused the area’s population and economy to explode exponentially.  This industry eventually transformed into the high-tech the region is known for today.
Housing in downtown Mountain View is a mix of studios, apartments, and single-family homes in contemporary buildings. Since Silicon Valley is a highly coveted place to live, prices tend to be on the high end, but they’re comparatively more affordable than those in San Francisco or San Jose.

What to Love

  • The accessibility to Silicon Valley and the rest of the Bay Area
  • The peace and greenery of Pioneer Memorial Park
  • The variety of shops and restaurants along the walkable Castro Street

People & Lifestyle

With eight miles of walking and biking trails in town and the 750 acres of nature in Shoreline Lake Park, the residents of downtown Mountain View have a penchant for a healthy and active lifestyle. While there are many flashy and luxurious places to live in Silicon Valley, locals are attracted to downtown Mountain View’s more peaceful, suburban atmosphere. Most residents work in the tech industry, and the area’s excellent school system makes it particularly attractive to couples with young families.

Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment

As commercial rents are more affordable in downtown Mountain View than nearby towns, the neighborhood is home to an eclectic assortment of independently run restaurants and shops.
People in Mountain View love to read. Books Inc., “The West’s Oldest Independent Bookseller,” with roots tracing back to 1850, offers an incredible selection of books, magazines, and other literature with a small café to match. Nearby, the East West Bookshop sells itself as the “largest metaphysical book and gift shop in the US,” with a comparatively more esoteric selection of the written word. Other shops include Giovanna’s Fine Jewelry, considered the best purveyor of diamonds in Mountain View, if not the whole Bay Area.
For dining, Quality Bourbons and Barbecue (“QBB”) pairs superior whiskies and ryes with a menu of high-quality barbecue classics. The nearby Steins Beer Garden and Restaurant offers a selection of over 31 beers to choose from with a timeless American menu. For a decidedly vibrant experience, both in flavor and atmosphere, Sakoon has a curated menu of popular Indian dishes with a modern twist.

Things to Do

Despite its contained size, downtown Mountain View gives residents access to an incredible variety of nearby events and experiences.
There is nothing more representative of the Bay Area than a glorious farmers market. Downtown Mountain View is fortunate to have one of the best in the region, with over 70 local vendors purveying seasonal and organic produce each Sunday. The cultural event highlight of the year is the Mountain View and Art Festival, a celebration of live music, local art, California wines, and community.
Mountain View is also considered a pilgrimage of sorts for technology enthusiasts. The History of Computers Museum is a one-of-a-kind attraction with an incredible collection of vintage software and devices paying homage to the area’s leadership in technology. For family fun, Rengstorff Park Pool has playgrounds, climbing walls, sports facilities, and more at its well-maintained outdoor facility.


Downtown Mountain View is home to a number of excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:

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