Rose Garden - San Jose

Rose Garden - San Jose

Spacious residential living in San Jose’s most beautiful neighborhood.

Welcome to Rose Garden

Spacious residential living in San Jose’s most beautiful neighborhood
Anchored by the beauty of San Jose Municipal Rose Garden’s exquisitely manicured floral arrangements, this small and exclusive neighborhood is defined by its charming historic architecture and lush green lawns. Living in central San Jose, Rose Garden residents are located near many highlights of the city and enjoy an exceptional quality of life.
Rose Garden is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, and many fine examples of the 1860s and 1870s Victorian architecture can be found lining the streets. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, more wealthy residents were drawn to Rose Garden, solidifying its status as a high-end neighborhood.
Real estate in Rose Garden is highly sought-after, and it remains one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. Most residences are stand-alone units ranging in style. Contemporary and thoughtfully appointed homes are popular. Older properties with historic charm are available, but they often require additional investment for necessary remodeling.

Things to Love

  • The exquisite beauty of America’s #1 Rose Garden
  • The quiet grandeur of pre-war homes lining the streets
  • The exciting and varied dining scene of its central location

People & Lifestyle

Take a stroll down one of the neighborhood’s shaded streets, and you’ll immediately notice its peaceful, idyllic atmosphere. There’s plenty of excitement to be had in the greater San Jose area, so Rose Garden residents tend to value the relaxed, private lifestyle afforded to them by their neighborhood.  Most residents are well-off and middle-aged, some with young families.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Rose Garden is far from a commercial and entertainment center, but the few neighborhood establishments it has coupled with nearby shopping destinations give residents a plethora of options to choose from.
Just as locals enjoy the color and detail of the nearby gardens, Tasty Dreams is a home-based bakery that creates custom, skillfully designed confections for various occasions. For organic groceries and other ingredients, Zanottos is a family-owned and community-oriented neighborhood grocery store. It would be remiss not to mention Santana Row, an enormous and comprehensive shopping destination only a short drive away featuring staples such as Crate and Barrel, Kate Spade, Sephora, and more.
For dining, Bill’s Café is a local favorite with its extensive menu of classic and well-executed diner foods. Park Station Hashery is a similar eatery with an approachable menu and a warm, communal atmosphere. Mexican food is prominent in San Jose, and the nearby Teaqueria taps into this with its flavorful menu of burritos, tacos, and cocktails.

Things to Do

Despite its contained size, Rose Garden is home to several impressive cultural institutions and experiences within its borders.
With 5.5 acres of 4000+ rose bushes, the Rose Garden is an oasis of floral beauty in central San Jose—just steps away for residents. The work of the horticulturists can be enjoyed year-round, and the garden also features noteworthy events, including the Roses and Reels, a neighborhood-friendly event featuring outdoor film screenings in the evening. 
Just a few blocks south is the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, the most comprehensive of its kind in Western North America with an incredible collection of ancient artifacts. For something more oriented toward families, the Children’s Discovery Museum presents an enlivening variety of interactive exhibits, obstacle courses, and workshops.


Rose Garden is home to many excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:

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